Our coaching services provide a customized platform for you and your top-performers to achieve their professional and personal potential. Our coaching team has experience in public-practice and knows first-hand the challenges and opportunities professionals face.

What you can expect working with our coaches:

Clarity of Goals

Starting at the beginning and continuing throughout coaching, we will discuss and define the goals that you would like to work on together. These will serve as a grounding for our work to align your strategies and outcomes with the values and goals that matter most to you.


By providing a comfortable space to talk and sincere interest in you as an individual, our coaching sessions support your individual need to be heard, try out new ideas and reflect on past successes and failures. We’re also a lot of fun to work with, bringing humor and a refreshing perspective to each call.

Challenge and Growth

We listen for the thoughts and feelings you share, both explicit and implicit, and offer practical ideas to advance towards your goals. We help you see obstacles and opportunities you may have not noticed.


Each session culminates in one or two action items that you would like to take on. Action items are the right size for you to accomplish in a few weeks. Our next session begins with reviewing progress on the action items.


While the outcomes of coaching will vary for each individual, typical outcomes include:

  • Enhanced effectiveness as a leader and/or business owner

  • Improved communication with co-workers and clients

  • Elevated executive presence and aplomb

  • Achieving clarity and direction, backed by purpose and values

  • Positive outlook and practical skills for business development, pricing and collections

Facilitated Discussions

As an addition to individual coaching, we offer the option to facilitate discussions between the coaching client and others. This option is valuable for those who want to increase organizational and personal effectiveness, by having a venue for conversations that create change.

"I learned ways to re-frame my thoughts and work better with team members. I distinctly remember one moment in which I made a very candid statement expressing frustration about some staff-related issues. I knew this statement was a truth to me, and yet I also recognized that I needed to move beyond my current mentality. We laughed about it. But then got serious and we dove into what I could do to see value in connecting more deeply with my team members."

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