We elevate CPA and professional service firm practices through projects and workshops focused on the soft-skills that lead to success.


Here are our stories

Seven years of unspoken frustrations made going to work feel like an unwelcome chore for nearly everyone in this small office. The managing partner asked us to help with team-building, hoping to lighten the air and improve communication. We facilitated the first partner retreat in over five years, held private sessions with staff from each department, uncovered some tough issues and came up with real actions individuals could take to make change.

The best words came from managing partner’s wife during an office party “He’s always talking about the work you’re doing, it’s so great to see the difference it’s already made!”

Thirteen eager faces joined together in a workshop one bright January morning. They had all been at their firm for two to five years, yet had never spent any time as a group. Firm management invested in a Leadership Development program to prepare this team for transitioning to the role of manager, to retain top talent and to build camaraderie within their valuable senior level staff.

After a high-energy day, one senior accountant left with "The ability to say 'no' and how to handle that conversation." Another added, "It feels like we are closer as a group." They all created strong visible goals, an accountability plan and the momentum to be a more productive, aligned team at the office.

Development was already a priority at this 300+ person firm. With 160 hours of new-hire training on the books, they needed to be sure each session was adding value to the crafting of knowledgeable, well-assimilated new staff.

We added train-the-trainer workshops, revised modules that were high on details but low on engagement and gave 1:1 assistance to the team responsible for developing in-house sessions. The result? A more cohesive, prepared and valuable start class. Those responsible for delivering the content were happier too, having connected to why their content was important, to them and to the participants.

We're not for everyone.

Like any good professional services firm, we have a client acceptance process to make sure we only take on the work and projects that will make our clients successful. Sense of humor also required, see below: