Our customized, in-house workshops give your team an edge in the soft-skills that all professional service providers need to lead a successful firm.  The future of your organization is in the hands of your staff and you need to make sure they have the people and team skills to continue your success.

Featured Workshops

Delivering Performance Feedback

Preparing for Challenging Conversations  |  Listening Before Sharing  |  Managing Emotions

Strengths-based workplaces

CliftonStrengths Assessments  |  Using Strengths for Personal Effectiveness  |  Optimizing Team Culture 

Executive Presence and charisma

The Behaviors Behind Charisma  |  Imposter Syndrome  |  Displaying Confidence with Clients and Prospects

Slide Deck Improv +Presentation Skills

Using Improv in Business Communication  |  Engaging Visuals  |  Storytelling  |  Live Practice

Additional Workshops

  • Delegation best practices

  • Business Writing

  • Understanding the Client Experience

  • Professional and Dining Etiquette

  • Train the Trainer


  • Workshops can be held in lengths ranging from two to four hours. Our clients often combine two or three topics to create a full day of training.

  • Options are available for off-the-shelf content targeted towards your goals; or more significant customization adding in your firm's values, branding, and examples.


We also offer most of our content in a licensing format if you wish to use in-house facilitators. This option allows you to bring industry-specific courses to your team members in an affordable way. Contact us for more information and pricing!