“I worked with Kristen for almost eight years and trusted her judgment and innate ability to set the direction for our team. She has a strong mix of energy, technical competence and good judgment combined with a good sense of humor and easy demeanor which makes her a particularly impactful and valuable resource.”

—Mike Knowles, Partner - Frank, Rimerman + Co. LLP

“Kristen’s presentation on Internal Customer Service is relevant to all levels of an organization. In this course, she challenges you to define good customer service and then provides the framework and motivation to deliver it. Her use of humor combined with audience exercise and participation pulls you in. I left the presentation thinking of how to reenergize myself and staff.”

—Kevin Shives, President - The Resultants, Inc.

“Kristen provided invaluable support for three major training initiatives. Her engaging style and customized content ensured that everyone left the training room with enhanced skills. The evaluations of her trainings were always highly rated and I knew I could count on her for delivering solid and effective content.”

—Amber Setter, Leadership Coach


“All of our auditors need to attend this.”

"Kristen is like a friend talking to you.  She is easily understood and very practical in her approach."

"Direct and effective and practical take away skills and knowledge, will hit bottom line by better and easier client relations"

“Easy to follow and energetic!”


"Kristen provided our firm with a "train the trainers" training. It far exceeded my expectations. I walked away with some useful ideas for incorporating more interaction and small group exercises into trainings for our staff. I felt much more confident that I would be able to hold my audience's attention. The material and her presentation style are very clear and engaging. The "know your why" concept is very powerful when formulating a training and it really helped me get my training moving in the right direction."

“I am so appreciative to you for being part of our retreat. I thought your contributions were wonderful, well planned, and timed perfectly. I thought you gave the staff exactly what we had voted for in advance of the meeting. I thought it was especially meaningful that you spent the entire day with us. In the past, guests have only stayed for their portion of staff retreats, but you stayed the entire day, and I thought that really aligned you as a peer and ally in the retreat process. In case you didn't hear it enough, I wanted you to know how appreciated you were by many of the staff, and I would recommend you 100%!

"I think everyone should attend as this is great information in the work or social environment. I think people would be more tolerable of others if they knew that everyone had a certain communication style and that you just need to recognize and understand that. This was great! I look forward to future presentations."


"Kristen was clearly very knowledgeable on the topic and had good, concrete examples to work with."

"The information given can be used on a daily basis within the work environment and in our personal life. She makes the information easy to absorb, and it was very interesting."

“Knowledgeable and to the point; very good!”

"Enjoyable, engaging, informative."

"It's a seminar that anybody in a management role should take, but too often they don't think they need any training and/or they make an excuse about being too busy."

"I think a lot of the official assigned "coach" managers at my old firm could have really benefited from this course."

"Kristen's verbalizing some of the difficult topics we experience at work and do not talk about, e.g. counselor counselee mismatch. I have always enjoyed Kristen's to the point conversations and her willingness to share what she knows or has recently learned."



She taught me that in order to succeed I needed to look outside the box and realize that a career is about more than having a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting and a CPA license. A career involves critical thinking, character and professionalism.
— Alita Eaton, Manager, Salesforce

“Kristen was very knowledgeable and probably the best instructor I have ever had. She was so positive and really helpful.”

“Full of energy and conveys an efficient and effective presentation”

“One of my favorite presenters thus far”

“Dynamite speaker with fresh insight!”


As a company officer, it is critical to surround yourself with people that can do the job right, exceed your expectations and provide the results desired. My experiences and those of my clients have demonstrated Kristen to be one of those people.
— John Banas, CEO, ComplianceManager