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All tip-sheets are based on our workshops or webinars, if you're interested in more in-depth study on these, please contact us to discuss how a workshop could benefit your team or event.


Checklist of Delegation Awesomeness

This checklist provides a great framework to kick the tires on your delegation prowess. Use it once, remember it forever. And then call us if you want help convincing others on your team that the leverage model is more profitable and a more enjoyable way to work.

More Tip Sheets

The Case for Fun At Work

Think fun and work are mutually exclusive or having trouble convincing others that they’re not? This tip sheet will give you some background on the case for using fun at work.

Understanding the Client Experience

Standing in your clients' shoes for a while can help create a better experience for them, and they might just reward you for it!

ManAging Culture Changes

Shifting the culture of an organization or group is no small task. This tip sheet will give you a leg-up on how to get that new culture going in your office.


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