The first accounting book you'll actually want to read.

CPAs dream of helpful clients and numbers that match, and clients pine for CPAs who ask only relevant questions. Accounting Dreams & Delusions captures beautiful scenes of the exceptional service we dream of but rarely experience.

Feast your eyes on forbidden professional service fantasies, contrasted with a dose of reality in the accounting profession. Everything from clients dropping off flowers to CPAs cutting their fees, these are the delusions accountants’ dreams are made of. An accountant couldn’t ask for more, except maybe a raise and PTO before Memorial Day.

This book is a perfect gift for the accountant in your life, even if that's you!    A quick read: 96 pages of photos and captions | full color | 6"x6"


"I absolutely love your book. Simple. Funny. Brilliant."

"While reading it, my son asked me why I kept laughing. I told him he wouldn't understand."

"Super funny. I loved it. I have to say the 'I’ll massage your numbers' page made me laugh out loud."

"...this book is a genius idea on multiple levels."

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