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Executive Presence (Charisma)…Why You Need It

When you hear the words executive presence you might imagine a Louis Vuitton bag or a Rolex watch.  And while a level of signature style is an important part of having executive presence, it’s much more than that. It’s having that charismatic quality that makes people like you…listen to you…and want to follow your lead. Today’s post will give you some quick tips on how to acquire this valuable skill.

How to Create Change When Change is Hard - An Accounting Allegory

Meet John, a hard-working new partner at a mid-sized accounting firm on the west coast.  We join John as he sits down for his first annual review as a partner. His managing partner, Gus, makes the feedback clear, “John, the bottom line is you have to delegate more so you can spend that time on business development and hit your new targets. We’re all counting on you.” 

Boost Productivity by Creating a Strengths-based Culture at Your Accounting Firm

After helping several CPAs and firms with Strengths Programs, I’ve seen the impact it can have on individuals, workgroups and the firm as a whole. This is a culture-changer that results in better business outcomes.

Boundaries: How and Why They Are Good for CPAs

I’ve come recognize a common trait among accountants: we’re a group of people who love saying yes. But as you’re working tirelessly to meet the needs of everyone you encounter, how are your own needs being met? If you're feeling further down the lousiness scale than you’d like, it might be time to establish some boundaries.