Poetic Project Management

Can project management be poetic? We’re not sure either, but here’s an attempt. Please enjoy this collection of project management verses with our compliments.

There once was a manager
Named Mr. Banager
He ran a tight ship
Except when he slipped

Which was nearly each day
As he wiled away
The time on each client
Fighting fires small and giant.

The budget was irrelevant,
The team was insurgent!
But the partner insisted
on keeping them fix-ed.

The manager learned all his skills from his years
Of keeping his head down and having no beers.
But now as a manager he had to step up
And show the rest of the team how to keep up.

Oh what would the Manager Banager do
To keep from dropping that very last shoe?
He would stop and take a deep breath and look
At the project management steps that he took.

And the ones that he didn't
And the ones that he couldn't
And the ones that he should've
But didn't because of...

He'd take a step back and think more about planning,
For sure it'd be better than trying pan-handling.

He would develop a system to track each open item,
The kind that was useful and worked just right for him.

He would finish administrative tasks on time,
To enable the billing not too far behind.

In the end good project management
Would become his new tenet
For running his projects with grace and precision,
And Manager Banager had much less revision.

He would then train his staff in his new ways
So they wouldn't succumb to the same poor malaise.
Well done Mr. Banager, you're on your way now
(But quick switch your browser to something high-brow!)