2014: Year in Numerical Review

Proof and foot this any way you want – here are the numbers that add up to 2014 and a good portion of the work this year by Kristen Rampe Consulting:

Presented to over 1,000 attendees at monthly webinars with AccountingWeb while revealing 20 truths and 10 lies about myself over the course of the year. Thank you to all of you who were a part of these!

Facilitated a firm of 50 tax professionals in two all-hands workshops resulting in actions to take client service from great to incredible.

Helped a team of 5 seniors and managers create open communication lines between their peers, staff and partners. It all started with the desire to create a relevant and meaningful on boarding process for new hires.

Ate at least 15 Chipotle burritos and 12 sushi dinners. And now you know where to find me at lunch and dinner.

Created a 9 part toolkit that helps CPA firms prepare their teams for great networking and communication. “Because accountants don’t get degrees in communication.”

Upped the fun game in accounting with 3 satirical blog entries and 1 poem about project management. More to come in 2015!

Enjoyed the company of over 200 live workshop participants in 9 cities over 24 days expanding their knowledge and practical application of client service, communication and team building. Thank YOU for inviting me into your offices to share the love of these three topics!

Donated $100 to the National Forest Foundation’s Carbon Capital Fund, more than offsetting the carbon footprint of our travel.

Earned the privilege to communicate with 137 new newsletter subscribers. Bringing you relevant content and updates is our goal – and we’re always open to feedback about what you want to see!

Laughed out loud to this 1 best piece of feedback from a train-the-trainer workshop held in-house at a 300-person firm: “You should give [name withheld] Kristen’s number to help her improve her tax update trainings.”

Kept it real by doing what any good accountant would do and decided that the 118 “things” I need to make this all add up to 2014 is immaterial and passed on further review. Better than plugging it, right?!?

Here’s to a great 2015 to you and yours!