Accounting Made Awesome: Influence, Ego and Disagreeing with the Boss | 09.04.15

This week, I'm happy to report, was a good week. Two of the links below are part of the reason; Accounting Today recognized me as an honorable mention in their perennial Most Influential People issue and Investors Business Daily quoted me on workplace fun.

In order to balance out the somewhat-uncomfortable position of self-promotion, I'm offering up the "ego" article from the Financial Times. That humble pie segues perfectly into how all of us can learn to disagree with our bosses in more constructive way, which is even easier when you  share a random fact with him or her to break the ice.

Okay, those are all over the place, but they do make for some decent reading:

The Ridiculous Myth That Ego Can Ever Be Left at the Door [Financial Times]

How to (Constructively) Disagree With Your Boss [FC]

Sneaking Playtime Into Workday Boosts Results [IBD]

Top 100 Most Influential People [AT]

Google "Fun Facts" Right Now For a Random Fun Fact [Factually.Gizmodo]

Enjoy the long Labor Day weekend. We'll see you here next week!