Accounting Made Awesome: Watch Out for the Smart Ones | 08.07.15

As accountants, knowing and accepting the limits of our own intelligence isn't easy. We're paid to have the answers, after all. Clients depend on us to solve the problems that no one else can solve (or so they think).

That's why the wisest leaders surround themselves with people smarter than themselves. Plus, the pace of technology and information doesn't allow leaders to be the infallible beings they once seemed to be. 

That's why the HBR piece linked below seemed an especially good find this week. Inevitably, everyone succumbs to a smart young hotshot (whether we admit it or not) and we should embrace the opportunity to learn and to teach. You still have the luxury of experience, after all.   

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Lots of "How to" this week, hope you enjoy reading them this weekend. As always, share the best content that you see out there.