Accounting Made Awesome: Craving Leadership | 08.21.15

Leadership is addictive, sorta like salt 'n' vinegar potato chips. Once you get a taste, you don't want to put it down.

No? Just me? Okay.

Everyone has their own idea about what they want in a leader, but I think we all look up to people who have a vision for the future, think creatively, don't give up after a mistake and inspire us.

This week's links cover all these and more. Maybe you'll recognize some of these characteristics in yourself or an up-and-coming leader. And the more you see them, the more you'll seek to satisfy your jones for yourself and for others.  

New Learning System Teaches CPAs How to Anticipate Future Trends [CPA Success]

5 Traits of Creative Leaders (And How to Become One) [Fast Company]

Reflections on Brewing Everything sounded so straight forward in the book. But in the real world, my equipment looked different, temperatures changed faster, and I made a MESS. I didn’t know how bad I was screwing it up; I didn’t know how close to right I was either. I just kept going. Because that’s what you have to do. [Thriveal]

How to inspire? Make others feel they can become great [Richard Branson]

Cultivating Leadership [J of A]

Enjoy your weekend reading!