Accounting Made Awesome: The Love-Hate of Networking | 07.31.15

Many people hate to network at first. Throwing yourself into a room full of strangers with an expressed purpose to connect with them isn't instinctual, it's a nightmare!

But the post linked below makes an excellent point about transaction vs. relational networking. You weren't born with friends and didn't have your network at the beginning of your career so making a concerted effort to build a relationship, getting to know them like you would a new friend, sounds a lot more fun than small talk (although small talk isn't about substance, anyway).   

On the other hand, if you glance at someone's name tag and say, "You're MEDIA? Mind if I send you a press release?" is the type of soulless transactional networking that cause people to recoil in horror. 

For your next networking event, allow yourself to appreciate the serendipity and random encounters. You might leave with some good stories, a new client/friend, or all the above!

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