Thank you to the following people involved in the creation of Accounting Dreams and Delusions:

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Mediaphotos (reasonable fees guys)

Yuri_Arcurs (week early lady)

Skynesher (cfo corner office team)

Svetikd (flower lady)

Shironosov (I would never change a prior entry lady)

Arthobbit (auto correct calculator)

PeopleImages (data top priority lady) (also Yuri?) Nadia

shironosov (my bad on emails (two pages))

STEEX (board meeting in 2 mos guy) and (journal of accountancy lady) (2 pgs)

PeopleImages (f*ck sandwiches) Xavier D & Adeeb F

g-stockstudio (agree with changes, thanks for keeping us on track)

isogood (golf course)

Yuri_Arcurs (inventory of assets lady) Model: Juliana V

Susan Chiang (staff same as last year guy)

Pixdeluxe (love working with people lady) Pallavi D

DragonImages (first and last request list)

Shironosov (my bad email #2)

DaniloAndjus (massage your numbers guy)

Coprid (CPA repellant)

goldenKB (only one day to review guy)

Nikada ($1M refund party)

STEEX (journal of accountancy lady)

Squaredpixels (only client)

Jacomstephens (no evidence, don’t want to review it lady)

tetmc (overruns we’ll have to write off)

FlairImages (no additional questions)

OcusFocus (forget attachment guy in bed)

Steve Debenport (hazmat)

SteveLuker (kevin, new senior)

andresr (IRS mileage rates)

Pamela Moore (skeleton)

Digitalskillet (did what at holiday party)

Rich Legg (CPA Jeopardy)

Andrew Rich (80’s Mac/fax # guy)

SergeyBaykov (stuff has to reconcile?)

Gchutka (laptop on vacation airport)

Minerva Studio (outtakes guy)